So here comes baby #2…. A walk in the park….

So, my daughter is having her second child and what a walk in the park. I feel empowered because now SHE needs me. hahahaha. My sweet precious daughter wants me to keep said baby coming at least one day a week after she goes back to work. I am elated, no mistake about it but wow what a change. Now it is I could never trust anyone but you and I do not want her in daycare (understood, neither do I) but if you read about the first grandchild you can see why I find it a bit amusing. With the first, you would have thought I had not given birth to my OWN child. hahahahaha. Anyway, of course I said I would but I am just a bit amused at the change and the difference of how now I am suddenly the best thing to ever happen to a body. All joking aside, I am glad she has realized I am capable of holding and keeping a baby and I am happy she realizes she trusted me all along but child number one was just like all of us first time moms. Just wanted to share a bit of when your kids have kids humor.

The demon within……..Or the angel…

Do we all have a bit of a demon with us or is it just a side to us that we show no one but that exist? Maybe it is just us or just me. The part of me that makes me so aggressive or defensive. the part of me that makes me want to punish those who treat me wrong or to make them pay for the way they treat me. I know I can be short tempered and I cannot and I repeat cannot stand disloyal people. I cannot stand back stabbers. I have a very low tolerance for fake people or any of that. But I also have that sweet angel within. The one who shares anything I have, down to my clothes, food, money, you name it. I care, I am loyal and I am a sucker for the under dog. Sooo, I was just curious about your thoughts on these things. have a great one my friends!