When Love Breaks………

Love can be one of the most beautiful things in the world.
It is so much a part of us and we want to hold it close.
It embraces us, holds us, makes us smile.
It challenges us and it forms us and it molds us.
Who we are, what we are, how we react.
But when love breaks or was never there
It can destroy us and tear us apart.
It can make us feel like we are a sinking ship
Falling prey to the massive waves of sorrow.
It can start in childhood or it can happen when we are young or even when we are old.
Such a powerful emotion. With the ability to hold us together or tear us apart.

Author: artista10

Living Life.

9 thoughts on “When Love Breaks………”

      1. You can just believe in yourself. Positive thinking has lots of power. I wish you success and look forward to seeing it and reading it when you publish it Della.

      2. lol. Thank you. But my books are Zombie aka half dead people and I do write Poetry and thoughts. As well as my own quotes. I wrote a book about my daughter’s death and the year after. It is a journal. But I need to update it and have not yet. 😦 🙂

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