Anxiety….. how I hate thee….

UGH! I am doing better this week with trying to maintain positive thinking and not allow my anxiety by over thinking EVERYTHING to bother me but this is so annoying sometimes. like seriously? It can go great for so long and then BAM. Therapist, meds, Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, prayer, you name it and I do it. But it is the BOOM days that annoy me. Like it comes out of nowhere even if I have had a good day. Oh well, I guess I am very blessed those days that are very good and bummed at the days that are so bad. Yee haa. lol. Have a great day/night fellow bloggers/writers. 🙂

Another season in Ga…..Winter Spring Summer no Fall…..

Okay. so for two days it was below freezing and we all bundled in our Parkas and gloves and warmest cloth. Today it is almost 60 so we can put on a long sleeved shirt and whatever. last week it was 70 and I felt like tanning. Maybe tomorrow it will snow. Weather in Ga. is like gambling. The odds of things being in our favor as for weather being normal are just like picking a name from a hat in a contest. hahahahahaha