Yoga & Me………..

So, after some great advice from some fellow bloggers, I have decided to do Yoga on my terms. I am going to do what I am okay with and what relaxes me and yes, tones me but also not to the point of twisting ankles, gagging and just basically turning myself into a contortionist. Which I am not capable of. I tried it today and I feel so much more in love with it. I sat for a bit just doing the stretches. I think we are on to something here! Thanks! have a great day/evening my friends!

just a bit of humor but for real…..

Dear Mail delivery person. My plastic mailbox is filled with ants so I sprayed it so they would not bite you when you put the mail inside. I hope it helps. I wanted to thank you for all the times you have to be out in bad weather, avoids dogs and stuff like that. So, I was going to leave you a box of chocolates to show I appreciate you. But then, between the ants and the insecticide, I think that might not be a good idea so just saying Thank You.
Your mail recipient. 🙂