Betrayal is easy to get anywhere…. Loyalty is like a rare diamond…

I often find that I am betrayed over and over. People I trust smile in my face but are talking about me behind my back. They agree with me and then they agree with the person who is doing wrong or using me. As an Empath, I am not stupid but I just and on the other hand I guess it is just common sense. I am loyal to a fault. I guess I should realize that loyalty and backing someone up and being a real person to them just does not exist anymore. People just constantly stab me in the back and then I forgive and forgive and keep staying loyal. It is a trait I value although it comes at the cost of the pain when I am betrayed. Once again. Maybe there are others like me and I know there are here but in my life, not so many in person. It kind of sucks.

Author: artista10

Living Life.

6 thoughts on “Betrayal is easy to get anywhere…. Loyalty is like a rare diamond…”

  1. I have had so many similar experiences my friend. Honest and loyal to a fault but I have shifted into healing myself, only giving and being in respiratory relationships. I cut out toxicity totally. It took a ton of inner work. I don’t entertain nonsense anymore. Once you start taking care of your spirit by raising your vibration, these people will mean nothing to you. Trust me. ((((Virtual hugs)))) it’s not always easy but is simple😊

    1. Virtual (needed) hugs back! Thank you so much! I am trying to do just that. I was there for a while and doing great and then bam but you encourage me to get back on the train. Seriously. Thank you. 🙂

  2. That’s all we need sometimes, a bit of support to realize what needs to be done. We must care for ourselves. We aren’t here to suffer and emotional rescue others. I have been there, letting others feed off of me. No more!!

    1. yes my friend. same here. I am through being trampled on. I can be kind and good hearted but I do not have to be assaulted mentally! So glad to meet my fellow friends.

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