The first child of your child……

So the daughter marries, life is great. She finds out they are having a baby and the fun begins. Kind of. The beautiful bundle arrives and then. I am no longer experienced as a mom. There are rules. Wash my hands , use caution when transferring baby. Oooops,no, no, with a sweet smile she shows me how to feed such tiny infant. I have never had a child before. I mean, where did this adult come from that just had THIS baby? lol. Then a few months go by and now I get to babysit at her house. Yes, her home because ALL of the baby’s needs are there. Sooooo, I go through the 45 page list of instructions with her and smile. I assure her I will follow them to a tee. I neatly place them on a the table and assure her all will be fine as I usher her and my son-in-law out the door. Once I am sure they are gone, I have a blast with my little grand baby of love and I take great care of her. I will burn the instructions when I get home because I have been here and done that. lol Have a wonderful night or day wherever you are! 🙂

Author: artista10

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8 thoughts on “The first child of your child……”

  1. Awwwww fun!! I remember quite fondly when my 1st was born and the laundry list I gave both my parents and the in-laws of my how Tom’s with my infant son LOL🤣
    Then 3 1/2 yrs later I had my 2nd son and that was totally gone. The most precious time. Mine are now 18 & 14. Time flies, enjoy it my friend🥰

  2. Yes! I get this perfectly!
    I have two new one year old grandbaby twin boys. Even I have to admit I have never done this before!
    It is so awesome I can’t believe it. They have very separate personalities and get a bit cantakerous (sp?) with each other when both want to sit on my lap.
    Happy New Year!

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