And so this is Georgia….with weather so weird…

Wow! Two nights ago I was standing outside in a t-shirt and no jacket. A warm breeze was flowing. It was about 70 degrees or so. Today i am bundled up, heat on and double layering my clothes. I have never seen a State change in weather so fast in all the places I have lived and traveled to. No wonder we have to have so much clothing space. You never know if you are dressing for a summer tan, the icy barnacles of freezing winter , fall breezes or just a nice Spring day with a cool but fun breeze. hahahaahaha. Have a great day everyone!

Author: artista10

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7 thoughts on “And so this is Georgia….with weather so weird…”

  1. Yes it’s been weird weather wise here too in Dallas. Humid and warm one day, bundled up and freezing the next!

  2. It’s normal to have huge temperature shifts here in the southwest high desert. There are times we will have a 50º temperature shift between early morning and late afternoon.

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