I am looking for you Christmas…I think I am finding you in unique places and ways……..

I am looking because I need you Christmas. I think I found you when I saw a little girl smiling. A tree lit with beautiful lights. A manger scene on the hill by a home. I saw you in a man giving someone food who was hungry. I feel you in the laughter of families. I saw you in snowflakes and snow falling in a video. I hear you in the music and the chiming of bells. I am looking this year more than ever because I need to have the feeling and the spirit of the joy. But this year I am looking for you in different ways by looking at the world around me. Seeing people join together and strangers smiling at each other, the kiss from a puppy, the meow of a kitten. A stray who finds a home. Homeless who find shelter. But most of all, I am looking for you in my own heart. That is where I need you the most. Merry Christmas Everyone!