Empaths, Discerners & Anxiety as the Holidays near….. Do that Yoga, prayer, meditation… Stay sane..

For all of us who have these abilities and gifts and the Anxiety (not a great thing) it is time to do what bring s you peace and helps your anxiety. It seems to peak for me because it is also close to the times of my daughter’s death so it can be exhausting along with gift buying and people that seem to turn into demons or whatever but the great thing is that we have some rescue. Prayer, Yoga, Meditation or whatever helps that anxiety germ do it! It is a very stressful yet beautiful time of the year but it can also be the time for those of us who are able to really feel and read people as well as those of us who have Anxiety and Panic to really get pushed hard. So let’s be sure to get out our keep sane kits and do them even more! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope we can all stay sane and remember to help those who struggle! I love my fellow bloggers and I hope today is great for you!