Why can’t you See what I Feel?…..

I know it is hard to understand me since I lost my child/children. I know I have breakdowns. I know I act crazy at times. I am. Because I am trying to deal with pain and anxiety I never had before. I know I get defensive. I do because I feel like the world left her/them behind but not me. I know I am putting you in a strange spot when I am laughing one minute and crying the next. I know. Why can’t you see what I feel? Because you haven’t been there and I hope you never are.

Author: artista10

Living Life. Where Life is real and where I share it.

4 thoughts on “Why can’t you See what I Feel?…..”

  1. The first time I saw this,I didn’t really understand what to say to console you, it’s just more than mere words,I know your pains are deep, definitely they are.
    But I am appealing that you take it easy because you are in the best position to help yourself.
    Understand this Fact that you didn’t cause this to happen,so it’s not your fault, your are not to be blamed.
    God is the owner of all life,if you loss one today,he has the divine ability to give you a better one tomorrow.so don’t give up for today, don’t live for a moment alone,the pendulum of life swing around, when its brings sadness today, know fully well that’s going to bring the opposite tomorrow-joy.so please don’t live for just a moment in your life, better days and times are still ahead of you.

    Please be strong,any situation that has not succeeded in killing before now, can’t in anyway kill you.you can still be happy again, it’s a matter of time, you will still smile.

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