I am working on more fairy photos again… They bring me joy… I need it right now.

So, I am going to work on more fairy photos that I create because they bring me joy. They make me smile. I love all things fairy and I just love the essence of the thought of them… I will try and post when created. The one on here is one I have already done.

I am a Yoga snail..…….Not me in pic.

I just commented on this to someone so I thought yeah, I guess I should explain. haha. I am a Yoga snail. Three years now and I am still in beginners stances. BUT, I figure as long as I am trudging along, all effort matters. I still do it and I am obviously good with my poses now since I am snailing along with it but maybe I will try the next level. I am just comforted at this level so I say, Snail on yoga attempter, snail on. hahahaha. The PICTURE posted is obviously not me as I am a woman but I figured it fits sooo well. : hahahahah