He proposed… Lord help us all here in this house..

So the boyfriend ask the daughter to marry him. I am now the official wedding helper and life is real here folks. (actually wrote this a few years ago as a child has been added now but that is a whole new story, hahaha). Sooo, nothing I find, say or do is right although, in her own words, “No one could plan a wedding better than my own mom). Yeah ok. Well so far, there are no suitable flowers on the planet for this wedding. too colorful, too bland, not enough awwwh in them. Cakes? oh please. the one she likes is 3,000 and I am not paying that when I can go buy a few boxes and whip it up for less than 15.00. seriously? Um, no. I know it is the biggest day of her life but that cake won’t be part of it. The dress. ahhh, the dress. 75 dresses later, I am about to explode, she is crying because I am frustrated, I am crying because I feel like a failure but come on, pick one (50 were stunning on her) and let’s just do it. We have been around and around. After countless breakdowns, her sweet fiancĂ©e stepped in and asured her no matter what it will be beautiful if they marry under a tent. Thank God! I was ready to hand over a check with a cut off and say go. all is well now. dress has been picked, cake, location and life is good again. we even hugged each other and cried for being mean. hahahahahahaha

Remember. Once more as the Holidays get closer…. Check on your friends and loved ones. And try to reach out with a voice as well as a text or message. Depression is real and this time of year, Anxiety hikes!

We all use social media and we all send greetings and so much through there. But people suffering from depression, anxiety, heartache, and all of those things want and need to hear an actual voice. Also, at times, I find what I wrote to someone and how they took it depending on their state of mind, gave them cause to think I was mad for whatever reason when I was not. If you live close, stop by. If you have to call because of distance give them a quick hey by phone. Because you cannot read emotions on a social media text always so try letting them hear a voice. My plan anyway this year. Have a great day everyone!