And so this is Georgia….with weather so weird…

Wow! Two nights ago I was standing outside in a t-shirt and no jacket. A warm breeze was flowing. It was about 70 degrees or so. Today i am bundled up, heat on and double layering my clothes. I have never seen a State change in weather so fast in all the places I have lived and traveled to. No wonder we have to have so much clothing space. You never know if you are dressing for a summer tan, the icy barnacles of freezing winter , fall breezes or just a nice Spring day with a cool but fun breeze. hahahaahaha. Have a great day everyone!

I am relaxed. Yoga, empath on downlow, So far so good……..

well so far the last week was busy but I kept up with Yoga and it has helped keep my empath at ease even being around so many people. I did have some anxiety moments but I just mentally blocked from being able to read people. THAT is hard but it was rewarding. I needed the break from the stimulus of pain, rejection, gossip, fakeness and all that comes with it. I was able to enjoy myself and I think the Yoga helped me to be able to keep the anxiety at least on the beach and not in the raging sea area. I hope all of you had a great week also!

My Empath brain has been in over drive & so has my anxiety. So, I did some Yoga and other things as well as a lot of praying.

I had been spending a lot of time around others during the Holidays and of course my Empath wiring has been shot into over drive and so along with that, of course, came my anxiety. So I am like a nut case just going haywire and my brain is screaming at me and I am just as jumbled as this post. But, in a moment of calm, I decided to take the time to do some Yoga, some tai Chi, some prayers and some meditation. It was the best decision. It calmed my ever speeding and over thinking brain and it enabled me to be able to focus. I was able to ease the Empath burn that had me going crazy. I controlled my anxiety and well, I am good now. I still have my Empath wires humming and my anxiety is still trying to hype me up but I am keeping it at bay. I am so blessed to have things that help where once I could not control any of it. I hope my fellow bloggers who have these issues were able to get through as well! Have a wonderful evening where I am and day if you are from afar.

Christmas looked dismal and then a beautiful thing happened…

Christmas morning was just blah. I felt depressed, anxious, alone and my husband felt the same. Then, out of nowhere my sister called. she lives about an hour away but she was having a kind of blah day too. She and her girls invited us up. At first I didn’t want to go but then we said, “why not?” and we packed up some stuff to make spaghetti, our Trivial pursuit game and off we went.
We got there and hubby made dinner and we all worked together. My niece’s boyfriend showed up. As Christmas songs played on the radio, we played and laughed and just had some of the things I said I had been searching for in Christmas. It was a wonderful time and we had fun without phones or electronics. Just people, together, laughing and spending time together. What a beautiful time it turned out to be. I hope all of you had a wonderful day too!

I am looking for you Christmas…I think I am finding you in unique places and ways……..

I am looking because I need you Christmas. I think I found you when I saw a little girl smiling. A tree lit with beautiful lights. A manger scene on the hill by a home. I saw you in a man giving someone food who was hungry. I feel you in the laughter of families. I saw you in snowflakes and snow falling in a video. I hear you in the music and the chiming of bells. I am looking this year more than ever because I need to have the feeling and the spirit of the joy. But this year I am looking for you in different ways by looking at the world around me. Seeing people join together and strangers smiling at each other, the kiss from a puppy, the meow of a kitten. A stray who finds a home. Homeless who find shelter. But most of all, I am looking for you in my own heart. That is where I need you the most. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Empaths, Discerners & Anxiety as the Holidays near….. Do that Yoga, prayer, meditation… Stay sane..

For all of us who have these abilities and gifts and the Anxiety (not a great thing) it is time to do what bring s you peace and helps your anxiety. It seems to peak for me because it is also close to the times of my daughter’s death so it can be exhausting along with gift buying and people that seem to turn into demons or whatever but the great thing is that we have some rescue. Prayer, Yoga, Meditation or whatever helps that anxiety germ do it! It is a very stressful yet beautiful time of the year but it can also be the time for those of us who are able to really feel and read people as well as those of us who have Anxiety and Panic to really get pushed hard. So let’s be sure to get out our keep sane kits and do them even more! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope we can all stay sane and remember to help those who struggle! I love my fellow bloggers and I hope today is great for you!

It always rains for the Christmas party…. Are those happy tears from Heaven, I miss you tears or just rain?

Every year at the Annual Christmas party it rains. Well, it actually pours. My mind knows it is just rain but my heart sometimes wonders if you and lost ones are crying tears from Heaven of joy or sadness that you are not here with us? I like to think they are tears of joy from being with us in heart because we keep your pictures with us on the shelves to share in the joy in spirit if nothing else. Either way, just know you ARE here in our hearts and we love you so much!

Why can’t you See what I Feel?…..

I know it is hard to understand me since I lost my child/children. I know I have breakdowns. I know I act crazy at times. I am. Because I am trying to deal with pain and anxiety I never had before. I know I get defensive. I do because I feel like the world left her/them behind but not me. I know I am putting you in a strange spot when I am laughing one minute and crying the next. I know. Why can’t you see what I feel? Because you haven’t been there and I hope you never are.