So, let me tell you about Lucifer the dog……. Just needed a laugh…

No, his name is NOT really Lucifer. He is my neighbors dog. I LOVE all animals and animals love me but THIS dog? I swear he has to be from the pits of Hades. this dog HATES everything. he hates the sky, he hates the leaves falling, he hates squirrels, people, other animals and he even hates acorns. yes, those nut things that fall from trees and roll onto the ground. Whenever my neighbor walks that dog we all run into our houses in fear. He tries to lunge at us or any thing that exist and tear our throats out or destroy into shreds any existing thing on the ground. Leaves run at the sight of this dog. Birds quit singing. frogs make no noise. flowers wilt. trees start breaking in sheer terror. okay, I am getting a little overboard but still this dog. If a dog ever earned the name Lucifer, this one is it. and his owner? Wow. sweetest lady you will ever meet. she coddles him, pampers him, and even tries to explain his behavior. she say’s he was born that way and that he bit his mother when he got teeth because he suffers from depression. Lucifer is a 3 or 4 pound Chihuahua. lol.

When you meet your daughter’s FIRST boyfriend and she is bringing him home….

well the time comes when the kids get their first “real” girlfriend or boyfriend and they bring them home to meet the “rents”. This was my experience. Hope yours went or goes better. hahahahahahaha.
STEP ONE: Telling the parents:
“Hey. I am bringing (Adam), name changed to protect privacy) home to meet you and dad but I wanted to go over some stuff first.
STEP TWO: Rules of engagement:
“Now. Please do NOT say anything about vegans. His mom is one. Please do not talk any politics. His dad does not like your choice”.
“Um, do not mention any of your funny things about me as a kid. I will just die of embarrassment”.
“Could we not have my brother come out of his room (although he lives here too) He may say something that Adam finds offensive and I really, really like him”.
“Also, he is very sensitive about his retainer so do not mention anything about teeth please. AT all. And Adam is like really into music you do not like so let’s not discuss anything concerning music, or where he lives or what his parents do or what you and dad too for a living and generally just like, um, let us talk and you just kind of smile and listen. Unless of course he ask you something. Oh, and do not compliment his smile. he gets upset”.
I look at her oddly.
Daughter: “Well I don’t actually know if he gets upset but I am sure he might”.
Me: “So, basically just sit there like a life form and look at your boyfriend. Am I allowed to go pee? or is that out too”?
Daughter: Huffs. “Mom, I think you are going a bit overboard.
Me: I roll my eyes.
Daughter: “Please do NOT roll your eyes when he is here. he may take that as a sign of aggression”.
Me: “Is he human or a bear”?
Needless to say, the species male Adam came. he was funny, he joked around and he never went into shock at the sight of his girlfriends parents. He did ask questions. It was a great night and her brother came out and said hi before going back to his game in his room. I thought it went great. Adam loved his visit. My daughter cried for two days. lol. Adam comes on a regular basis now. Joys of parenting.

Why Empaths live life in a Bubble….

Why do we seem to live in a bubble?
Distant yet yearning to be close to others.
Why do we seem so serious and so black and white?
Because that is what the world shows us and how we react.
Why do we act like you are so uncaring or so two-faced?
Because we can see inside the shell you hide behind.
Why do we sometimes not communicate for a few days?
Because we are recovering from the emotional stress of absorbing hate, hurt, sorrow and pain. Especially if we are sucked dry from emotional vampires.
Why do we seem so different and even when we are happy we seem weary?
Because we are different and we are weary of what emotions or betrayal will slam us next.
Because we see what you don’t, we feel what you can’t. We absorb what you drain out. we know what you hide.
Our life is somewhat of a bubble to protect us from the ravages of some of what humanity dishes out. That is us. We are Empaths.
This is my experience. It may NOT be the experience of every or any other Empath.

The Beauty you see in drugs… The reality of what they do…

You are in the happy zone, feeling good, carefree and nothing can bother you.
You are hungry but you don’t know it. if you have kids so are they but you don’t see it.
You feel like the world is so beautiful and wow it is so stress free.
You have rent or a mortgage due, the power is going to be shut off the water was yesterday. But you don’t care. It is not a big deal. you will figure it out.
you drink, you party and you toke and you smoke maybe you shoot or maybe you snort but it is so worth not having to worry about anything.
your friends and family are watching and pleading and begging but you know it is just because they hate you for wanting to feel good.
Finally, you come down for a bit. What happened? why are you being evicted? where are your kids? why is there no heat or air? what day is it? when did you last eat? Something is very wrong here but you cannot figure out why.
It was those beautiful drugs you are addicted to. While you fed your addiction, they stole your life.

Do any fellow empaths besides me feel people even when they are not with them?

I swear there are times when I know someone is ill or agitated or just lying just by getting these “vibes”. Does anyone else experience this especially when it turns out to be true? I just wondered if it was just me or does the strange thing really happen to others? Just a quick check to see?

Why I do Yoga, Tai Chi and more for Anxiety…

I sometimes am away from home and I admit I let go of my Yoga and Tai Chi. But I really notice the difference in my level of anxiety. I notice even when I try my ice pack or my breathing or whichever that I struggle. So I came up with a plan and now I just have small simple and quick tai chi and yoga steps on my phone. That way I can easily do something and I HAVE found that even that little bit helps! Have a wonderful day everyone!

Martians have landed.. In my head.

yes. I have decided the Martians have landed all right. here in my head. haha. no, I have not gone insane but I do think maybe some days there must be tiny Martians playing with my brain (just kidding) However on weeks where the chaos
surrounds me I have to honestly wonder like, um, where is all of this coming from?
But I know things calm and then get crazy and I accept that but I do need to get a bit of a grip on things. This is a hard time of year though as my daughter’s angelversary comes. However, I try to keep a steady mind, remember her joy and still hold onto my other child and enjoy life with her. I told her about Martians in my head and that I was kidding. She hugged me and suggested I see a shrink. 🙂 Have a great night everyone!

And the beat goes faster! All in a week….

WOW! what a busy week! Saving distressed bunny, helping family, animals, yoga, anxiety.
Stress, joy, love, tears animals and trying to do it all.
I feel like I am on a jumpy horse or actually a real horse about to throw me.
I am non stop going but yet I get more anxious when I do stop.
I cannot fit in yoga more than 30 seconds and maybe Tai Chi for 12 seconds.
Crazy life, happy life, chaotic life after the still water life there for a while.
Sadness over daughter and son loss, happy for daughter still here. Glad for blessings. Sad over losses.
This poem is how my life feels sometimes. I cannot get it all sorted out to think.
I hope all of you are doing better! 🙂