Today was a lot of Anxiety, a little panic and tons of talking myself out of it…..

Today was a day I have not had in a while. I felt weird like I was sick or something was wrong and I know some was anxiety, some was maybe I am getting sick and some was a bit of panic over deciding if it was illness or anxiety. I HATE that feeling! I had a bad headache but Advil took care of that and I went to town and just wanted to get out of the store and go home. It was very depressing because I have not felt that way in a while. Maybe it is hitting because of my daughter’s death that came in Feb. of that year, 33 days after her January Birthday and I was looking at Christmas stuff and she loved Christmas. All I do know is I hope it just the anxiety and nothing really wrong and that is what makes this condition so hard. because you don’t know. you just hope. I hope all of you had a better day.