Today. I did not do Yoga…. Anxiety hasn’t caught on yet. :)

Why? I just didn’t. I should have, I could have and I still can but I don’t know if I will. I am mad at Yoga today. Downward dog hurt my leg yesterday and we know I hate downward dog. Who named it that anyway? I t should be more like torture you dog. hahahahahahaha. Either way, Yoga and I are not speaking today so it does not get my attention. What WILL get my attention is when my anxiety realizes it is not going to get the daily dose of Yoga. Then some things will be freaking in my brain but I am mad at anxiety too so maybe it is a just punishment. hahahahahaha

Life is a challenge but a beautiful one…. I keep climbing the hills getting from one point of life to another. I live life according to my rules and it is a challenge because of who I am. But I keep doing it. Because… Life is a challenge. Good days, bad days, happy days and sad days

Always something new and a bit of something old.
Past meets the present and people collide like dominoes.
Life is a beautiful challenge and one I am glad I can attempt.

Be yourself…. Just don’t offend anyone… So smile and be sweet….But not too sweet…

I am very outspoken. I say what I think but I am real about it. that offends a LOT of people. Of course, everything seems to offend somebody these days. You see all these quotes about being you. true to yourself, do not care what anyone thinks so I don’t and needless to say, I am not popular in the friend department. Maybe because I am an empath, maybe because I am honest or maybe because that is just life. Who knows? I was even told once, just smile and share love. But do not smile too sweet or it will look fake and you could offend somebody. Sooooo, I think I will just keep being me and just doing my thing. I am also very kind hearted and I will help anyone I can. I just don’t do fake. 🙂 Oh well. Life in my lane. Everyone have a great day!