Holidays, Depression and Loss……

Please remember those who are suffering the loss of a loved one or who have depression during this Holiday season. It is some of the roughest times ESPECIALLY if we lost around or during this time. It is when we need you a lot. Please call or text or just check in. It could make a world of difference in those who are suffering. Or maybe just need to feel like someone cares! Thanks so much and I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving or whatever Holiday you celebrate or just a great day! I know it is tomorrow but many may be busy.

Author: artista10

Living Life. Where Life is real and where I share it.

8 thoughts on “Holidays, Depression and Loss……”

  1. My Great grandma is very sick right now , she is suffering cancer and it doesn’t help that she is so old ! Also the doctors have burned her neck and eye lids through doing chemo , she could really use some prayers because she is in pain ! ~kaylea

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