Is changing toilet paper a punishable crime? It must be…lol..

Here in my home, people must think you will get arrested if you change out the toilet paper because they come as close as you possibly can without putting it on the actual dispenser. Places I find it and things done to prevent them from having to change it out?
On top of the two squares of paper left that is on the holder. Right beside it on the floor. On the ledge above it in one bathroom and on the counter sink in the other. I have even had one daughter take the time to leave a sticky note with a roll that said, “needs changed, thanks”. When I have asked what is sooooooooo hard about changing it out, I get thins like, “I was going to but I would have been late for work” as they stop to get a Latte on their way to work.
“I just don’t see why I have to be the one to do it”. My favorite, “I cannot figure out how ” say’s the smartest kid in the house. Alas, I have decided that they must think it will cause them some type of Physical harm or punishment. Life on the grid. hahaahahahaha. I hope you all have a wonderful day!