So, let me tell you about Lucifer the dog……. Just needed a laugh…

No, his name is NOT really Lucifer. He is my neighbors dog. I LOVE all animals and animals love me but THIS dog? I swear he has to be from the pits of Hades. this dog HATES everything. he hates the sky, he hates the leaves falling, he hates squirrels, people, other animals and he even hates acorns. yes, those nut things that fall from trees and roll onto the ground. Whenever my neighbor walks that dog we all run into our houses in fear. He tries to lunge at us or any thing that exist and tear our throats out or destroy into shreds any existing thing on the ground. Leaves run at the sight of this dog. Birds quit singing. frogs make no noise. flowers wilt. trees start breaking in sheer terror. okay, I am getting a little overboard but still this dog. If a dog ever earned the name Lucifer, this one is it. and his owner? Wow. sweetest lady you will ever meet. she coddles him, pampers him, and even tries to explain his behavior. she say’s he was born that way and that he bit his mother when he got teeth because he suffers from depression. Lucifer is a 3 or 4 pound Chihuahua. lol.

Author: artista10

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10 thoughts on “So, let me tell you about Lucifer the dog……. Just needed a laugh…”

    1. hahahahahaha. That is not actually him. I can never get close enough for a picture and would be too scared to but I had to borrow one from the net. he looks meaner than that. lol

  1. Timothy’s got a point. I think all chihuahuas are cracked. I know one for which excitement and urination are synonymous. Also, good (i.e. interesting) photo – a pleasant change from blogs awash with pretty dog/cat photos.

    1. lol. Thank you. I had to use that photo from the net because this dog looks even meaner and I am too scared to get close enough to get an actual picture. lol.

      1. Wow! I’d love to see a photo of that one! A really good thing re- your writing about that dog and particularly your use of the large photo is that it counteracts so much (dishonest) blandness (i.e. seeking to please) on blogs. Your post showed the emotions of anger and hostility (who hasn’t been angry? who hasn’t been hostile?), even though it was that of a dog. Well done!

      2. Thank you so much! I write what I live soooo I do lose followers and blog friends at times but most stick around because it is nice to know we are humans. With real emotions. 🙂

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