Why Empaths live life in a Bubble….

Why do we seem to live in a bubble?
Distant yet yearning to be close to others.
Why do we seem so serious and so black and white?
Because that is what the world shows us and how we react.
Why do we act like you are so uncaring or so two-faced?
Because we can see inside the shell you hide behind.
Why do we sometimes not communicate for a few days?
Because we are recovering from the emotional stress of absorbing hate, hurt, sorrow and pain. Especially if we are sucked dry from emotional vampires.
Why do we seem so different and even when we are happy we seem weary?
Because we are different and we are weary of what emotions or betrayal will slam us next.
Because we see what you don’t, we feel what you can’t. We absorb what you drain out. we know what you hide.
Our life is somewhat of a bubble to protect us from the ravages of some of what humanity dishes out. That is us. We are Empaths.
This is my experience. It may NOT be the experience of every or any other Empath.

The Beauty you see in drugs… The reality of what they do…

You are in the happy zone, feeling good, carefree and nothing can bother you.
You are hungry but you don’t know it. if you have kids so are they but you don’t see it.
You feel like the world is so beautiful and wow it is so stress free.
You have rent or a mortgage due, the power is going to be shut off the water was yesterday. But you don’t care. It is not a big deal. you will figure it out.
you drink, you party and you toke and you smoke maybe you shoot or maybe you snort but it is so worth not having to worry about anything.
your friends and family are watching and pleading and begging but you know it is just because they hate you for wanting to feel good.
Finally, you come down for a bit. What happened? why are you being evicted? where are your kids? why is there no heat or air? what day is it? when did you last eat? Something is very wrong here but you cannot figure out why.
It was those beautiful drugs you are addicted to. While you fed your addiction, they stole your life.