Do any fellow empaths besides me feel people even when they are not with them?

I swear there are times when I know someone is ill or agitated or just lying just by getting these “vibes”. Does anyone else experience this especially when it turns out to be true? I just wondered if it was just me or does the strange thing really happen to others? Just a quick check to see?

Why I do Yoga, Tai Chi and more for Anxiety…

I sometimes am away from home and I admit I let go of my Yoga and Tai Chi. But I really notice the difference in my level of anxiety. I notice even when I try my ice pack or my breathing or whichever that I struggle. So I came up with a plan and now I just have small simple and quick tai chi and yoga steps on my phone. That way I can easily do something and I HAVE found that even that little bit helps! Have a wonderful day everyone!