Martians have landed.. In my head.

yes. I have decided the Martians have landed all right. here in my head. haha. no, I have not gone insane but I do think maybe some days there must be tiny Martians playing with my brain (just kidding) However on weeks where the chaos
surrounds me I have to honestly wonder like, um, where is all of this coming from?
But I know things calm and then get crazy and I accept that but I do need to get a bit of a grip on things. This is a hard time of year though as my daughter’s angelversary comes. However, I try to keep a steady mind, remember her joy and still hold onto my other child and enjoy life with her. I told her about Martians in my head and that I was kidding. She hugged me and suggested I see a shrink. 🙂 Have a great night everyone!

And the beat goes faster! All in a week….

WOW! what a busy week! Saving distressed bunny, helping family, animals, yoga, anxiety.
Stress, joy, love, tears animals and trying to do it all.
I feel like I am on a jumpy horse or actually a real horse about to throw me.
I am non stop going but yet I get more anxious when I do stop.
I cannot fit in yoga more than 30 seconds and maybe Tai Chi for 12 seconds.
Crazy life, happy life, chaotic life after the still water life there for a while.
Sadness over daughter and son loss, happy for daughter still here. Glad for blessings. Sad over losses.
This poem is how my life feels sometimes. I cannot get it all sorted out to think.
I hope all of you are doing better! 🙂