Save those seeds……

I used to buy marigold seeds every year and also zinnia seeds as well as viola. The viola, if left alone to freeze, I have found, often come back. But as for the Zinnia and Marigold seeds, I let the flower get dry, pluck it off of the stem and put them on a paper towel until completely dry. Then I take them and open them and loosen the seeds into a paper bag. I place that in a container where nothing can get into it and the next year I plant those seeds or at least some. I went from four Zinnia plants my first year to 70 the next and I went from 4 Marigold plants to so many seeds I gave some away because I had so many I could have planted about 4 or 500 plants. Yes, it works and instead of paying 1.00 for those 10 or 12 little seeds, I have an unending supply. AND, they get prettier each year!

This week in Georgia…. winter temps with summer days…lol

Yes, this week and next week we have lows of 25 and colder at night with the 60’s during the day and then a couple of days where we might hit 70 and the 30’s at night. Welcome to the South. The weather can change here faster than a kid can run off with candy you told them they couldn’t have. Soooo, I keep a closet of jackets, sweaters, tank tops, shorts, jeans, flannel , long sleeved shirts and knotted caps, hoodies as well as thick boots, flip flops and tennis shoes. I was raised in the North but moved to the South.. there are many beautiful things here and I love it just as I loved Ohio but I swear these constant temp changes (well not in mid Summer, they are straight 90 to 100 degrees with no breaks) keep me not knowing what to wear from one day to the next. and the forecast? forget about that. Georgia does what Georgia wants to do. hahahahahahaha. Happy Fall ya’ll aka you guys. lol