An Empath Life… They always say AFTER the fact, I should have listened…..

you know that the hardest part of the life of an empath of a person with discernment is knowing and trying to tell people things and watching when they do not listen and it happens. For me it is hard anyway. I watch and I see what hurts may come from a relationship or from trying to get someone to listen and no matter how many times you have been right, they. do. not. listen. Then when it all blows up, it is like “I should have listened. You are usually always right.” But it is part of our life and part of who we are. Soooo, we just have to watch and try and not absorb their pain or try to run to the rescue when it all falls apart because we can’t or we drain ourselves. We also have to energize again because we get sucked dry by emotional vampires, and by those who just won’t listen. I guess when people know you can help them because you “feel” things or you “read” people, I am so confused when time after time, they still ignore it. BUT, I have realized that sometimes, you have to just let it be what it is. Thanks for reading and have a great afternoon my fellow bloggers and friends!

My Yoga, anxiety, Tai Chi, crazy life……

My life is a crazy upside down funny, scary life. I have anxiety as most of you know by now, lol. So I try to balance life, Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, prayer, anything I can to just keep a balance and I do but I also have learned that even with all of these, you HAVE to keep your stress level very low. I had an anxiety attack and I had taken my meds, done my breathing and all of the above but I allowed a highly stressful situation to get to me. Sooooo, I went out to my car, used my ice against my chest and did my breathing. Today away from the stress there I am doing better. it may be a crazy life but it is mine and I won it and I keep trying! 🙂 I hope you all have a great day!

Unenchanted Love… For those abused. Copyright L.S. R.

I feel as though I am trapped in a Fortress
Entangled by your rage, unable to escape.
The walls that surround me are your hatred
And the thorns at the top are each time
your bitter words have pierced my heart.
No flowers can ever grow here
Only weeds of destruction that are trying to choke
the last of what strength I have held on to survive.
Inside of me, where happiness tries to hang on
Your vines of anger wrap themselves and squeeze it out.

I hope to break free of this prison and learn how to smile again.
I want to wake each day without your dark shadow.
hanging over me to and to laugh without feeling the punishment
of your revenge.
I know, if I can walk away, one day I will be whole again.
Then I will discover that while you are still a choking weed
I will have become a beautiful blossoming rose.