Today was a lot of Anxiety, a little panic and tons of talking myself out of it…..

Today was a day I have not had in a while. I felt weird like I was sick or something was wrong and I know some was anxiety, some was maybe I am getting sick and some was a bit of panic over deciding if it was illness or anxiety. I HATE that feeling! I had a bad headache but Advil took care of that and I went to town and just wanted to get out of the store and go home. It was very depressing because I have not felt that way in a while. Maybe it is hitting because of my daughter’s death that came in Feb. of that year, 33 days after her January Birthday and I was looking at Christmas stuff and she loved Christmas. All I do know is I hope it just the anxiety and nothing really wrong and that is what makes this condition so hard. because you don’t know. you just hope. I hope all of you had a better day.

Today. I did not do Yoga…. Anxiety hasn’t caught on yet. :)

Why? I just didn’t. I should have, I could have and I still can but I don’t know if I will. I am mad at Yoga today. Downward dog hurt my leg yesterday and we know I hate downward dog. Who named it that anyway? I t should be more like torture you dog. hahahahahahaha. Either way, Yoga and I are not speaking today so it does not get my attention. What WILL get my attention is when my anxiety realizes it is not going to get the daily dose of Yoga. Then some things will be freaking in my brain but I am mad at anxiety too so maybe it is a just punishment. hahahahahaha

Life is a challenge but a beautiful one…. I keep climbing the hills getting from one point of life to another. I live life according to my rules and it is a challenge because of who I am. But I keep doing it. Because… Life is a challenge. Good days, bad days, happy days and sad days

Always something new and a bit of something old.
Past meets the present and people collide like dominoes.
Life is a beautiful challenge and one I am glad I can attempt.

Be yourself…. Just don’t offend anyone… So smile and be sweet….But not too sweet…

I am very outspoken. I say what I think but I am real about it. that offends a LOT of people. Of course, everything seems to offend somebody these days. You see all these quotes about being you. true to yourself, do not care what anyone thinks so I don’t and needless to say, I am not popular in the friend department. Maybe because I am an empath, maybe because I am honest or maybe because that is just life. Who knows? I was even told once, just smile and share love. But do not smile too sweet or it will look fake and you could offend somebody. Sooooo, I think I will just keep being me and just doing my thing. I am also very kind hearted and I will help anyone I can. I just don’t do fake. 🙂 Oh well. Life in my lane. Everyone have a great day!

Holidays, Depression and Loss……

Please remember those who are suffering the loss of a loved one or who have depression during this Holiday season. It is some of the roughest times ESPECIALLY if we lost around or during this time. It is when we need you a lot. Please call or text or just check in. It could make a world of difference in those who are suffering. Or maybe just need to feel like someone cares! Thanks so much and I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving or whatever Holiday you celebrate or just a great day! I know it is tomorrow but many may be busy.

Is changing toilet paper a punishable crime? It must be…lol..

Here in my home, people must think you will get arrested if you change out the toilet paper because they come as close as you possibly can without putting it on the actual dispenser. Places I find it and things done to prevent them from having to change it out?
On top of the two squares of paper left that is on the holder. Right beside it on the floor. On the ledge above it in one bathroom and on the counter sink in the other. I have even had one daughter take the time to leave a sticky note with a roll that said, “needs changed, thanks”. When I have asked what is sooooooooo hard about changing it out, I get thins like, “I was going to but I would have been late for work” as they stop to get a Latte on their way to work.
“I just don’t see why I have to be the one to do it”. My favorite, “I cannot figure out how ” say’s the smartest kid in the house. Alas, I have decided that they must think it will cause them some type of Physical harm or punishment. Life on the grid. hahaahahahaha. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

And sometimes….. I just do my yoga and sigh…

It is a beautiful day out, a bit nippy and yeah I know I am supposed to be all sunshine and rainbows but I just have days. Yes, those days when your are doing you r yoga, your anxiety is off the roof, you are crying and your nose looks like a running faucet so you clean and do your yoga and Tai Chi and pray and cry and well, I guess I look like a real mess. But it is okay for me to have those days and maybe you do as well. Either way, I am still trying and I am still doing. And I finished and finally calmed down and was proud of my workout. And then. I ate a cookie. Yea, I did. Have a wonderful day to my fellow bloggers and friends!