Empaths and trying to juggle a normal life…..

It is really hard to be an Empath and try and juggle a normal life. It is hard when you can discern what others are feeling and thinking. When you can tell just what fakeness really is and you have to smile and pretend you know nothing. Otherwise, you can find yourself really lonely. But trying to have friends when you sense and know things is VERY hard. I have too many times called people out and I was right when they get “told on” by other people. Soooo, once again I learn to shut my mouth. But it would be nice to have other physical empath friends who understood me. I am blessed for the ones I have here though! Have a wonderful if, on the empath side, discerning day! 🙂

Today Anxiety is trying to take a bite out of me…. Yoga, kick in please!

I am doing all of the usual you read about on here but I swear today anxiety is trying hard to kick in and I am fighting back. I did my Yoga and I have tried my breathing and other techniques but that little demon anxiety is STILL trying hard so I am just going with the flow and thinking positive thoughts and all of that. I had a hard day yesterday with Crohn’s problem which of course caused anxiety to start in. But I am hoping my friend Yoga will assist me with this problem.