The baby keets are doing great and growing!

For those who are following the Parakeet baby journey, they are growing fast and thriving! We named them Tiki and Charlie although I have no idea if they are boys or girls! I do not know if 5 parakeets in one cage are too much but they seem happy and it is a very large cage. I tried putting the yellow parakeet in a cage because they were picking on it but I found it the next morn on top of its old home so I put it back with the others. Just an update! Look like mom and identical to each other! Thanks for following their journey!

Anxiety and Doctors…

I have to go to the Dentist this morning. Why it or any doctor raises my level of anxiety is beyond me but it does. I am just trying to think universal positive thoughts, prayers and meditation before I go. I hate going. Something about it wires me up but on the positive note, it is just x-rays this time. Ugh! Well I will still try my best to do my breathing and stretching and get through it. Ahhhhh, anxiety you little demon! Have a wonderful day!