Art day……. Just sharing some of my crazy art.

Today I just thought I would share some of my Art. I cannot really think of anything of importance to write about. The baby keets for those who are following are doing great and growing. The cat still does nothing when I go to take photos and I am still working on the Yoga and anxiety. 🙂 Have a great day fellow bloggers

Anxiety ….. A Poem. My style.

Ah, you bring me such pain
such tense feelings
sometimes making me shut myself off
from people
from love
from feeling
just to escape your madness.
You try and destroy me
you haunt me
you pursue me
like someone who pursues a possible lover.
You hate me
I hate you
But you are not real.
You feel real
but you are an emotion
brought on from tragedy of different kinds.
I battle you
but cannot seem to yet defeat you.

Cats are crazy but sooo awesome to watch…

I have a cat that I mentioned in an earlier blog that stops still when I try to get pics of him being active. Then I have these two stray kittens that came up and kind of just moved in outside. They do let me pet them but they make me laugh because they play and play and play, jumping high into the air to catch butterflies ( they do not catch) and jumping and stalking blades of grass. For such aloof creatures they are funny and amazing to watch.

Parakeet update and I got a PICTURE!

To all of you who wanted updates on the baby keets, I finally was able to get a decent picture of one and guess what? I think I see another fuzzy! I may be wrong but I think there is NOW a third baby ! I guess we we’ll see. It looked as though the other older baby was keeping it warm! AND yes, I finally got a picture that is clear so I am posting it for all of you! Have a great day fellow bloggers!

Got a bit of Yoga done.. Even with Bronchitis! Anxiety caught on…

So, I stumbled myself around until I finally got the nerve to try some Yoga even though I was hacking like well, whatever hacking coughs sound like. hahahaha. BUT I was able to do some rest positions and even though I only held out five minutes I still held out ! It did help the anxiety although the steroids are trying to fight that. As usual. So my accomplishment was that I was able to do something with Yoga, even with Bronchitis!

yoga and Anxiety II………….

Well, I have new baby parakeets, groups I started for grief, Terrible anxiety and then there is Yoga. I have as you all know now, a Love/ Hate relationship with Yoga. The more I do it, the easier it gets and I was doing it for a long time until life happened and I couldn’t or didn’t. Whichever way you choose to look at it. BUT, I started back because it helps my anxiety. As it is going along, downward dog, my arch enemy (not really) is trying to beat me down. That, to me is one of the toughest ones. Or at least when I first started and then started back. BUT, I am getting there, pain and all. And it is great in helping anxiety. So, here we are. Have a great day everyone!