An Empath’s Day. at least mine….on this day!

Actually, it was yesterday! WOW It was such a rollercoaster day! Stress after stress. Emotional vampires and the constant draining of my emotions and I am trying to recharge. But today will be a recharge day today or so I pray and count on by using the power of positive thoughts. I hope all of my fellow empaths have a beautiful day!

A Cat day… daytime stalker.

This is Petrov. He, unlike my other cat who freezes when and stops when I do anything trying to get his pic, doesn’t care. So, today, once again trying to capture Twilight, I got Petrov instead. Stalking his prey, a Monarch, (No, he did not win) but he came close although I would have stopped him because I love butterflies. But he never catches them. They are just too fast . I wanted to share the pic I took of my daytime stalker. Have a great day!