The Squeaking Door

Since a tornado hit Ga. a few months ago and destroyed my mom’s home I have been keeping my niece’s rabbit and it has to stay in my office. well, I have to keep the door closed and I was having trouble because no matter how much I cleaned the carpet, this bunny has a strong smell when it goes to bathroom and I let it out with me while I work offline. WELL to the POINT. Dan, my husband said he would put a screen door on the outside of my room so I could open it and the cat we have could not get to Oreo the bunny. That way I could get air out. The door squeaks.
Well, at first I was like, ugh. Then, I opened it and the sound triggered a memory of the great grandmothers big old house with a squeaking front door. I remembered the fun times outside, running around with cousins as we chased butterflies and played in the woods. Her huge Sunday dinners for the whole lot of us (a bunch)and opening that squeaky door to come in and get out of the heat and then run back out. I never thought a bunny, the need to breathe clean air and a squeaky screen door would bring me such comfort. I love my squeaking door. And he better not touch it with WD-40. hahahahahaha.

Yoga is my friend and foe…hahaha

I love you Yoga! I love that you help me to feel calmer and more relaxed AND you tone this body right up! I love everything about you except downward dog. Downward dog hates me, hahahaha and is trying to hurt me. (Not really) that is the worst one for me but it helps so much. Why downward dog must you treat me so badly and yet help me so much? I think you might need some anger management. It is torture. (again kidding. It is hard but it is worth it) Just a funny blog about my friend and foe, sweet Yoga! Have a great day fellow bloggers!

The Demons Within……

They take your heart, your life and suck your very soul.
They turn your heart into a one way street where you search for only them.
They take away your family, friends and sometimes…
your life.
They steal your joy, your mind and your happiness
replacing it with fog and hurt and pain.
They haunt you, they hurt you, they deceive you and
you don’t even know it.
They are your worst enemy
but you love them more than anything else.
The Demons Within.