An Empath’s Day. at least mine….on this day!

Actually, it was yesterday! WOW It was such a rollercoaster day! Stress after stress. Emotional vampires and the constant draining of my emotions and I am trying to recharge. But today will be a recharge day today or so I pray and count on by using the power of positive thoughts. I hope all of my fellow empaths have a beautiful day!

A Cat day… daytime stalker.

This is Petrov. He, unlike my other cat who freezes when and stops when I do anything trying to get his pic, doesn’t care. So, today, once again trying to capture Twilight, I got Petrov instead. Stalking his prey, a Monarch, (No, he did not win) but he came close although I would have stopped him because I love butterflies. But he never catches them. They are just too fast . I wanted to share the pic I took of my daytime stalker. Have a great day!

Finding other empaths…. wonderful….

It is hard to be an empath. It is hard to make friends and keep them. It is hard to be around a world where you pick up things like others pick up items to buy. That is the type of Empath I am and there are MANY types. I am NOT weird (well maybe to people who are not Empaths) I am not a witch. I am not filled with sorcery. I am a loving, kind, hot tempered, blunt and unique individual. I do feel other’s pain, hurts, joys and deceit. I actually feel it like it is my own so I have to step back. At times, I have to walk away to my solace room and reenergize myself , yes, kind of like a rechargeable battery. I took a bold step today and told you my friends and followers, what I am. I hope you all stay and I hope you can find entertainment in some ways and in some ways understand why most Empaths rarely even acknowledge the gift they have been given. It can be a blessing and a difficult journey. But it is my journey and I am happy to see I am not alone!

Empaths, Discernment & Abilities……

I am what is known as an Empath which throws me into a very off the wall category but those who are interested or you are one here are some things about me. It is also the reason I am low key on friends. An empath (or as Christians and yes I believe in God, often call it discernment or Christian empath) has the ability to feel what others are feeling. I mean their joy, pain, fears, hurts and everything. I can read people really well. I know when I am being lied to about 90% of the time. It will show in your expression, eyes, or maybe just a feeling I get. It can be very ,very hard because people shy away from people like me. Because I can call out the fakeness. I am blunt because I know there is no reason to lie or whatever. I am loyal to a fault. I am easily hurt because I think all people are like me. Or I used to. But on the good side, I am as I said, loyal to a fault and I love to help others and to reach out. But sometimes when the feelings of other have drained me inside I have to step back. It is a very strange but beautiful life. Have a great day!

you find it here… Art, poetry, photography, thoughts, and more because I am share my life in everything I do.

I know my post are all over the place but I share many aspects of my life. I am very diverse so I just share anything from my poetic thoughts to my art to my animals to my Yoga. I know I am supposed to stick to one certain thing to help my blog to grow but I just can’t. I have and love to share all the aspects of my life. Well not all or you would probably go insane. hahahahah. But I do love to share different things because I AM different. Have a great day!

Art day……. Just sharing some of my crazy art.

Today I just thought I would share some of my Art. I cannot really think of anything of importance to write about. The baby keets for those who are following are doing great and growing. The cat still does nothing when I go to take photos and I am still working on the Yoga and anxiety. 🙂 Have a great day fellow bloggers

Anxiety ….. A Poem. My style.

Ah, you bring me such pain
such tense feelings
sometimes making me shut myself off
from people
from love
from feeling
just to escape your madness.
You try and destroy me
you haunt me
you pursue me
like someone who pursues a possible lover.
You hate me
I hate you
But you are not real.
You feel real
but you are an emotion
brought on from tragedy of different kinds.
I battle you
but cannot seem to yet defeat you.

Cats are crazy but sooo awesome to watch…

I have a cat that I mentioned in an earlier blog that stops still when I try to get pics of him being active. Then I have these two stray kittens that came up and kind of just moved in outside. They do let me pet them but they make me laugh because they play and play and play, jumping high into the air to catch butterflies ( they do not catch) and jumping and stalking blades of grass. For such aloof creatures they are funny and amazing to watch.