The life of addiction & Panic..

Living with or having a family member who is addicted is really hard. If you have someone you love dating an addict, that is hard as well. It is a hard and long road. It is such a drain in so many ways because you love them but you cannot stop them. You might find yourself enabling them because you are desperate. or you might be trying to get your loved one away from an addict before they turn out just the same. It is too draining when you watch, worry or living with someone and search everywhere to see if there was a stash.
This is just the beginning of a nightmare that never ends until the loved one is dead or finally quits through the grace of God. It takes the lives of the ones loving the addict because the addict can only think of their drugs but the friends and most of all family worry, cry, panic, drive themselves insane and just spend their lives filled with anxiety and there are many who cannot afford the expensive rehabs. It is a sad story for the addict and the ones who love them.

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9 thoughts on “The life of addiction & Panic..”

  1. I can only imagine how tough something like that must be. It’s always the people that care for the addict that get hurt the most, and also worry the most 😢 It’s tough and it’s hard to give any advice. The thing is though, there comes a moment, when love is just not enough anymore, and one has to let go of that loved one, or be sucked into something one can’t escape from. It’s hard, very hard…but honestly sometimes it just has to be done😔

    1. yeah, very , very true. It is something I have experienced with someone I cared about but had to let go. I have also had friends who have been through it. The old stigma of drug addicts are losers or just have poor lives is not at all true. It is the wealthy, the educated and the intelligent as well. Drugs know no boundaries.

  2. Unless the family walk away to save themselves. It’s a terrible illness / disorder/ mind set addiction in all its forms

  3. Very true – I can 100% relate to everything you’ve written. My blog Addiction and the healing family actually talks about my journey of living with my loved ones (sisters) addiction as well as her lived experience with addiction.

    I find it never get’s any easier, you just learn to adapt and accept the “new normal”, take care of yourself while you hope your loved one finds recovery.

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