Life, Love and Happiness……..

Life is beautiful but scary and sad but good.
Love is blind, hard, beautiful and needed.
Happiness is what we make it or how we break it.
I am an emotional roller coaster on this journey and it is crazy.
This world is just an exotic place with so many exotic, unique people
And we are all filled with so many different thoughts, feelings
emotions and words.
Some of us never seem to have a bad day while some of us strive to get
Anxiety, pain, hurt or depression.
Others are always laughing and happy and it seems never bothered by
But I think deep down we all experience many of these emotions, we
just live them in a different way.

Author: artista10

Living Life. Where Life is real and where I share it.

2 thoughts on “Life, Love and Happiness……..”

  1. That was really beautiful! And at the same time very true! I definitely think everyone has the same emotions, but a lot of people seem to just experience them in a totally different way 😊 But at the same time: that is exactly what makes us human. As long as we don’t let the negative emotions take the upper hand, eventually things will be okay. After a bad there usually comes a good day, and even if that isn’t the case it’s post like these that will help you get through it, and make you smile again! 😊

    1. thank you! Yeah I try not to let the negative take over . Yes for sure, I use some of my past post to help me see how much better things have gotten over time.

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