It is HOT in Ga. today! We have two seasons. hot and cold.

Whew! Want to have your heart rate soar and sweat pour all over you and just feel like you cannot catch a breath? Come visit us here in mud Ga. and it is a guarantee! OMGOSH! heat index today is 105 to 110 degrees. If I didn’t have anxiety I would now. Geez. We have 10 months of Summer here, two months of winter, depending on the year. Rarely without the benefit of snow but there is a southern touch that makes us all stay here I guess. lol. Occasionally we do get two days of Spring and maybe, just maybe, a week of Fall. OUCH! So that is my day in Georgia. hahaha.

Author: artista10

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4 thoughts on “It is HOT in Ga. today! We have two seasons. hot and cold.”

  1. Lol…well…we have had a very hot few weeks this past month, but today we have had a torential downpour! It was awful haha, but at least this made the temperature go down. Iā€™m a winter person myself, never much for the summer but lol, lately summer seems to be the thing that is taking the upper hand! šŸ˜Š

      1. Haha…well I will keep my fingers crossed for you to hopefully have the temperature die down, and for it to get a little cooler. Ugh on heat: exactly! šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

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