NEW WORLD… INVASION. Tell me your honest thoughts on if this has a chance. Zombie book series. just a piece. L.S. Rockel

Julian and Jon pulled into their house and Jon jumped out of the truck, as usual, while Julian carefully took his time getting his satchel out. Although identical twins in appearance, their body build, and personalities were nothing alike. While Julian was casual, tall, and slim, studious and a bit reserved like his dad, Brian, Jon was stockier from playing football and zoomed like a hurricane, taking on his mother Helens personality. So, it was no surprise to Julian a few minutes later when Jon came tearing out of the house while Julian was still getting organized. The difference was the yelling.
“Go, go, go, go!” Jon was screaming, and blood was running down his arm. “Get in the truck, NOW!” Julian got in, confused as Jon ran to the passenger door and jumped in. Julian saw his mother stand at the open door, blood drooling from her mouth. “What’s wrong with mom”?
“Just go, Julian, before she goes crazy again! She bit me!”
Julian looked over at his brother confused but when their mother started toward them, he backed the truck up and headed out the drive.
“Jon, we need to get her help! That is our mom! What happened?”
Jon was looking at a bite on his arm. “No helping her bro, she has turned zombie, now go!”
Julian would have laughed except for the bite on his brother’s arm. “Jon, she is not a zombie. She is a nurse. You watch too many zombie flicks”. Jon looked over at Julian. “Seriously? Did you see her eyes? Like all black and weird man and I walked into the kitchen and she came up behind me and took a bite out of my arm. Crap, I am probably gonna turn.”
Julian rolled his eyes. “She is not a freaking zombie and you are not going to turn into anything unless you turn any weirder than you already are”.
Jon brushed his black hair from his eyes. “Oh really, well explain to me then what just happened? Jon looked at his brother. “She is a zombie. I am telling you she turned. And dad is probably in there somewhere waiting for somebody to chomp on.” Their dad worked from home three days a week and this was one of the days he was supposed to be home.
Julian shook his head. “Dad is probably in town getting something for dinner. But we will go to the hospital and get your arm checked.”
Jon shook his head. “No freaking way. If mom was there today and she was or at least she was headed there this morning when we all left so the whole place has probably turned. Take me to urgent care and hurry before I turn.”
Julian rolled his eyes again. “Get a grip dude. I mean” … but before he could finish they saw a man standing in the road and as Julian swerved to miss him, they recognized their dad when they got close.

Author: artista10

Living Life.

6 thoughts on “NEW WORLD… INVASION. Tell me your honest thoughts on if this has a chance. Zombie book series. just a piece. L.S. Rockel”

  1. Whoa, I did not expect to find a post for it today already! I’m glad I decided to go on to wordpress for one final time today, as else I would have seen this probably late tomorrow evening.
    This was awesome! I love it when a story makes you imagine the scene vividly, and that’s exactly what happened when I was reading this. I liked the setting of the scene, and the twin brothers, even though we meet them briefly, seem very interesting. That cliffhanger though is evil: you do know I now want to know how this will continue right? 😅
    So if I had not already made myself clear: this was truly awesome! Thanks so much for sharing this, and all I can say is: keep writing. I’m definitely looking forward to reading more of this story! 😊
    (ps…awesome picture by the way! 😊).

    1. Cool! Thank you! That was my niece I dressed and did make up for on Halloween as of course, a Zombie princess. I am SO glad you liked it. I almost threw it away! I was just like yuch! Everyone will hate this, so now you have inspired me to finish it! I will add some for you when I can. Working a lot this week. Thanks again sooo much!

      1. Haha: well your niece looks amazing 😊
        I’m very glad you didn’t throw it away. And nor should you! It’s a really great story and I’m glad you posted it😊 Seriously: have faith in yourself! You are an awesome writer, and this piece only proves my point! So…definitely looking forward to seeing more of the story, but take all the time you need. I’m working a lot myself this week, so really I know how busy real life can sometimes get. No worries! And of course: you are welcome! And thank YOU for sharing this! 😊

      2. Thanks for reading the encouragement! I do make-up effects for the teens in the fam. I really appreciate it! You have for sure been a big inspiration to me! thank you so much!

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