My “frenemy” became my friend…..

I have a neighbor who was always just fussing about everything. Nothing was ever right. I got to where I avoided her at all cost because my anxiety would shoot up when I saw her, knowing another complaint was coming.
Then wow! This morning, someone (probably teens that like to wreck havoc here, lol) let my two sheps out. I was asleep and didn’t know. she , the neighbor, actually rounded them up and got them back in the fence. I got up and went outside to feed the cat and here she came. OH wow! But then she told me about the dogs and that my biggest was just sitting in the street and our neighbors drive 50 in this 25 zone. She is a small woman and how she managed it I have no clue because he weighs 120 pounds.
Needless to say, I could not thank her enough. It turns out she loves animals and did not want my dog to get hurt. The other younger shep was just playing in the front yard. Soooo, we ended up exchanging numbers, she has anxiety too and I now have a FRIEND and not a frenemy!

Author: artista10

Living Life.

14 thoughts on “My “frenemy” became my friend…..”

  1. Great story. The moral is, never think a friendship is hopeless. I am president of our condo association, and one of our residents, who has his mother living with him, always had complaints, and caused discord at meetings. His mom ended up in the hospital a couple of years ago, at the same time my husband was there, so I decided to visit her after visiting my husband. Ever since then, her son has not made any complaints, or made unkind comments at meetings.

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