I am so flustered with this anxiety…..

It isn’t like I don’t try. yoga, exercise, meds, walking, thinking positive thoughts, prayer, meditation, and the list goes on. Yes, I have many more good days than bad but it STILL hits, especially at night. I just wondered if anyone else has this problem besides me?????????????????????

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11 thoughts on “I am so flustered with this anxiety…..”

  1. Yes, of course, we do, so many of us more “in tune,” and sensitive people do suffer so significantly from anxiety.
    I know it feels horrible, and is horrible.
    But is actually, probably, a gift.
    It tells you things are not right in the world around you, and inside you.
    You already know that, this is why you are anxious.
    It challenges you to find ways to make yourself more important, than the chaos that makes you anxious.
    It boils down to realizing you are loved in some mysterious way that makes you, as beset by anxiety as you are, an incredibly valuable, and important human being.
    You are like a canary in a cave.
    The canary who needs to love himself, since his anxiety, can save others.
    It only took me about 60 years as an anxious person to finally figure this out.
    I hope you love yourself sooner.

    1. wow! Thank you! That really is filled with things I never thought about! And I know loving myself is something I just think that I do but I know I must not. Or at least not enough. Thanks again.

  2. My anxiety is pretty much under control now, but rarely, I still get anxious for no particular reason, and no particular time of day. I hope you’re able to find a technique for relaxation so you can rest without interruption.

  3. It’s not about getting rid of them sweets, it’s embracing them for the messenger they are. By listening to them, not necessarily believing all they feel to be true but loving them and yourself enough to do it and then decide once you’ve listened. What isn’t right? What emotions/feelings haven’t you dealt with that are raising their hands to be heard? It’s a wonderful guidance system if you allow it to be. But it’s only another tool for us, not designed to be the driver of you! Rather than fight to push away, embrace it like you would a cuddly animal. It just wants to be heard.. and keep you safe. This is a way your body knows to be heard, so of course it is going to be your default way of being, even if things seem to be going ok.
    Time to love and embrace ALL parts of yourself and that if they pop their anxious head up, it’s ok. It’s not a step backward, it just is.

    I’d learn to close down your energy and clear it when you are in bed as well as that will help. Shout if you need a tip on what to do!

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