Why I love zombie books and movies…

I love them but not probably for why you think. Just mindless creatures eating people, right? No. Not at all. If you actually read the books, you find some really useful stuff because many of them are actually very smart, retired military, or etc. just very smart but bored people. They have studied their background and history and many know secrets that we do not and they come in handy. I have even gotten storing ideas for if I had an outage.
They have gotten so much better and they have so much info, I am like wow. Of course there is adventure too. Yes, some are stupid but that happens in any book genre. So, for those who love to read and are not squeamish, I would suggest checking them out. You can learn a thing or two you never knew! 🙂


Author: artista10

Living Life.

10 thoughts on “Why I love zombie books and movies…”

      1. yes, Daryl, the character, even opened a restaurant here. They shop sometimes at the stores. But when filming it is closed off so you really cannot see anything but since we live or go to the nearby areas, I already know what they look like. One, for example was Grantville and I do a lot of my photo shoots there.

      1. Roger, I am sorry to hear that. I watched American Idol with my oldest daughter Nikki but she was in a wreck a few years ago and died and I never watched it again. I know your pain. I am truly sorry.

      2. Thank you. My deepest condolences for you. Amanda passed away 2/5/16 from sepsis triggered by the flu. My blog titled, a day that will live in infamy, is the story of her death. Amanda got me to watch that show and I watched other movies like it, but not anymore. She even gave me a Tshirt, but I don’t even wear it. Too much death in those shows.

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