I keep your picture here so I can see you everyday…. Some flashbacks…….

I keep her picture on my desk. I look at her at times so I can see her face and rekindle memories. Some are good, some hurt, some make me cry and some make me laugh. But I love to see that smile and although it hurts that she is gone, her memory lives on in my heart. I remember everything about her even can smell at times the perfume she decided she liked at 13. She never changed. She added one more and sometimes the cherry blossom smell seems to drift out or the vanilla. I love my sweet girl. Always!

Art and graphic day! Help the Anxiety! Again….:)

I had so much anxiety this past weekend that I just immersed myself in my art and graphics. I love doing them until I can do no more. It helps many times with my anxiety though not always but I am going to do some more today. For those of us who have anxiety try painting watercolors or those books or just paint. It doesn’t matter whether you are an artist or not, just paints lines, blotches, whatever! I suggested watercolor because it allows the paint to spread out and use calming colors. Well, my tip for the day! off to work!

Memories and motivation on getting these done…

I do memory pictures for those who have lost their loved ones. I am sorry I have not been on but at times I spend 6 to 8 hours a day doing these pictures. As a mom who lost children, it is a way to bring them back to us if only in a picture. But I wanted to stop in and say hello and I hope to catch up on everything here. lol. Sooo, I hope you are all having a great week and being busy keeps my mind on things besides anxiety. But I wish it would warm up so I could plant some stuff. Have a GREAT day!

After the tornado, A man and his trains…

The photo is courtesy of Donna Surgenor. Thank you. He is well past 80. He has fought battles with cancer and won and still fights one. He retired as a Major. But that is only the part of the story. The man I am writing about is my step dad and he has taught me so much. How to hang on, how to be strong and now I hope I can help him. His and my moms home where my sister, twins and youngest son live was hit by the tornadoes in Ga last week. We are blessed they were all gone and not killed as so many others sadly were.
But this story is about him and some trains. See, he grew up really poor and they never had money for much of anything. But, I guess when he was about 12, his dad was able to give him a train. Not a set but one little train. He cherished it and has kept it all these years and during his life, he added to that little train until he finally had a collection of them. He went into the army to help support his family and to be able to get his teeth fixed. And he bought nothing for himself but trains here and there.
As I said earlier he served our country and retired a Major. But he never forgot that first little train and for years we watched with the joy on his face as he would run those trains on the set up he made and show us how and what kind they were and the story behind them. While we were so blessed, my heart broke when I saw the tornado had destroyed his trains. The treasure in his heart that he took such pride in. There is no replacing that first train or the others, Many were very old.
But, just like everything, he just sees the good and say’s how blessed that they were all ok. But I see the heartache in his picture. I love you Papa and I am so glad you are still here with us. But if I could have given you anything, it would have been that your trains were spared. The reminder of how bad things used to be but how hard you worked to make things good in life. I am sorry. I love you. REST Peacefully now Papa. You will be missed.