Yoga……. How it helps and is it hard?

I do yoga. Not as often as I like or as much as I should but I do it. It is calming, it helps you to relax but what I love is that it is also exercise. It seems so easy. At first. But it does work your muscles and at first I was like, “no way” this is getting extreme but I held on and although I am still not into the intense yoga yet, I still come out refreshed and it makes me more energetic and feeling less stressed. So if you are considering it, I would say YES do it! It is so worth it and not as easy as it seems. But it soothes your mind, gently challenges your body until your body is ready for ,example, my hardest enemy, hahahahahaha, downward dog. THAT one gets but I love it!

Life can be beautiful… Life can be hard…

Life can be beautiful
Happy and filled with laughter
and so many great things
And life can be hard
We get the good and we get the bad
We take and we give
We love and we lose
We laugh and we cry
I guess that is why life is so interesting. You experience a taste of every emotion and every example. We are not exempt from the good or the bad.

What the mind believes….And Anxiety..

As most of you know by now, I deal with panic and anxiety. I have tried many methods that work such as yoga, meditation, Tai Chi and more but sometimes I just cannot stop to do that. recently, I was really thinking about what I could do on those times or how to “fix” this. I have only been doing it for about a week or so but I am interested in seeing how it turns out. So I wanted to share it with you. The mind processes words so fast, that have you ever noticed if you question someone on something and they deny it, even if you know they are known to be dishonest, at first, you believe it. Your mind accepts and believes it until over time you realize you cannot believe them and your mind starts doubting them until finally, you do not believe them at all.

I decided to try that with the panic and anxiety. I am starting with words. So when a such as nervous or I am feeling panicked or whatever, I replace that word with, for example, tranquil, over and over. I believe in that word. Or another example, is fine. Then I say I am fine. over and over and over. I am trying to re-train my mind back to healthy thoughts and words even if my environment may not be the best at the time. So, we will see, L.W. where it goes and I really hope it works and wanted to share with my fellow anxiety and panic peeps.