Learning to focus on things that matter…

One thing I am learning more and more when dealing with panic and anxiety is how to let go and re-focus. I am learning to let myself focus on other things. It is HARD and I am not always successful but that motto, “One day at a time” is becoming what I use everyday. I try not to let thing s and people cause me to over think. And, I am learning to encourage myself that I AM a good person and if people have issues with me and I have done nothing wrong, then why over think it or get anxious or panic? And I am learning, slowly, that life throws hurtles but I have to step over them and focus on the good. Things happen, it is life and I cannot change some things. So, I am on that journey and I hope all of my friends who have this issue, can journey along with me. 🙂


Author: artista10

Living Life.

2 thoughts on “Learning to focus on things that matter…”

  1. You’re using some wise strategies – keep it up! Be kind to yourself by also doing the things you love, such as listening to music you enjoy (classical, light opera, pop music, rock n roll, country or whatever); reading a good book; watching a comedy or two (laughter releases endorphins) or just meeting a good friend for a cup of coffee and cake (got to have that cake 🍰 and eat it – lol).
    My best to you. 🤗🌹

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