I have met some of the best people here….

I have met some of the best people on here. Compassionate people, funny people, people who have become blog friends, dreamers, artist, photographers, writers, and the list just goes on. I absolutely think we have some AWESOME people on here! I follow, I read their blogs even though I am still learning how to get to sites but I am getting there and the friends I have made on here are incredible! So, to my fellow bloggers, thanks for being some of the most AWESOME people I will probably never meet in person. Lol

My Blog is About Reality Life….

I do occasionally put some humor on here, lol, but I started blogging for those people like me who need to hear about lives that are not always happy and glorious and for people who live with the loss of a child or anxiety,
panic or live with someone who has these issues. Autism (my oldest daughter) ADHD, OCD (me) and so we could all relate or maybe someone wanted to knw what it is .

But I also love to read the happy blogs and the blogs about photography and just fun things because they lift me up! I love to see the smiles, the flowers, the gardens or old landmarks and just everything. So, of course in an already dismal world, my page is not as popular as others but I never expected it to be.
But that is what I love about the beauty of blogging. We can all be ourselves and share with each other our realities and our lives.