Dumb Dog….A Cat’s Life.

I have tried to lead by example but he just does not get it. Every day he grovels and jumps and wags his tail so they pet him and talk to him and coddle him. So stupid. Be like me. I just lounge on the couch by the window and THEY come to me. I beg for nothing.
You beg for food, treats and everything else when I have tried to show you all you have to do is just be lazy. You still get fed, you still get treats and you have to do NOTHING! But no, you still do the same thing every day. Every. Single. Day. I tolerate you because I guess you just cannot help it. you are just dumb. I guess the likes of you will never learn. But I hope. Maybe one day, you will learn from my highly keen mind and relax and it all comes to us and all we have to do is be here. I am sorry dog. But you are pathetic. Sincerely, your fellow live in companion, The Cat.

Another wet Summer dream. lol.

Hmmmmmm….. Let’s see. Well it was sunny, then it stormed, now it is sunny again. Yard is a swamp where alligators would be in bliss. lol. My cats refuse to eat anything but tender creations but to give them credit, even the ants would not touch the other stuff. They walked around it so maybe that has something to do with it. I am currently trying to salvage a drowning fairy garden and the fairies in it took flight hours ago. lol. So, there.

I am…. well, just me….

I can be funny, I can be hard, I can be sweet and i am sometimes sad. I love, i live and I get mad. I am human with all the mistakes that go with it. I am loyal and will defend someone I love even when they emotionally slap me in the face. But inside, I am pretty much an okay person. I will help anyone that I can. I will stand up for what I believe in. I can be annoying. I can be the biggest pain to deal with but I still am one of the best friends a person could ever have. i am strong for my family, weak by myself but a fighter. I fight to battle anxiety and I battle to be good in a world gone crazy. Sometimes, yeah, i am just too much. But at the end of the day. I. Am. Just. Me……..

Today I was in Go mode…….and slow mode and well, just me mode.

Sometimes I just have days where I think I should be an Uber driver. Seriously. Like, one minute I am doing laundry, then moderating sites after I have fed my 6 million stray animals and oh yeah, getting the kids (fave time) and then back home and I am back to writing and Life-coaching and on the phone. What does that have with Uber driving? Nothing. That is just my go mode which i relate to an Uber driver. lol. Then I have my slow mode where I just sit down and really do nothing because I am either too tired or I just don’t want to. And then my me mode. That is the scary one. I control my anxiety most of the time but Lord help us all if I get an anxiety moment. The world hates me, my stray cats hate, the dog hates and yes, I saw the cat staring at me as if I was inhuman for not buying top brand cat food. Yep. I caught her doing it. But all joking aside, my anxiety actually just makes me go into my own thoughts and then I think, over think, re-think and resolve. Nothing. But that is a day in my life. lol.