My cats are in need of therapy or they just do not tolerate humanity. …… Not sure which.

My cats are like no other I have ever had. I think they are mixed with bobcat. I found the mommy (now named Twilight since she is black with a touch of white)when she was pregnant. She was so young I brought her in when it came close to having her kittens and she did fine. She had two sets of twins. Two black and two striped. We named them Trooper, Scout, Pixie and Midnight. My husband built a catio where they can actually come in and out of the heat.
It has been a bit since my cat passed and this many at once is new to me. Well, they are a few months old now, mom has been fixed and we are working on these. But Scout and Trooper hunt me like a wildcat. They sneak up behind me and pounce on my back. They can actually climb a wall halfway. They wait until night and then all four prowl outdoors and inside and they make the loudest noises. I think they are people jumping up the stairs.
The other two, Pixie and Midnight love to play and be petted. So do Scout and Trooper unless it is hunting time. I think they are actually stalking me. Did I mention they like to wait until I am crossing the room and then knock into my legs almost tripping me. They watch the news. yes. The news. I laugh but there are those times, well, I just don’t know if maybe my cats are aliens.


Author: artista10

Living Life.

33 thoughts on “My cats are in need of therapy or they just do not tolerate humanity. …… Not sure which.”

      1. I want to buy it! it sounds like just what I need! 🙂 I write as well and I did publish one but pulled it because I didn’t know how to format.

      2. Draft2Digital has a great e-format technique, and they give directions on their site.
        They also recently offered print format techniques. The link I gave you is my D2D site.
        I published ebook on and loved them, but no print option, so I went to and disliked that they sold/gave? my book files to sellers on Amazon, so I pulled it.
        D2D is the first publisher where I was able to e-format myself.
        I had friends format and LuLu. They were so complicated.
        Don’t give up, try D2D…

      3. hey! I cannot find your book! Is there any way to order it on ekindle? I tried but it is harder to use the links because I am on this computer. 🙂

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