Love is not always Beautiful but it is a strong thread to survive. Social media can sometimes take us away from real love.

Love is sometimes challenging. Especially if we feel hurt, or cheated, or stepped on. It can hurt when we feel alone. Even at times when we are not alone. it can feel that way. However, love is a big factor in what we need as humans. I use social media. Obviously, I am here. I use face book. But I also use the talents I have to try and still keep human contact and be near those I love even if by phone.

But in this age where the world text instead of talking, plays games that take hours of our time, face book where we can often live and speak without actual contact, let us remember to be human in flesh form too. So, toady, find someone and give them your time or maybe just a hug or hello. Remember to love. In person.

When Life is just worried.

Life can be beautiful and it can worry you to the point of exhaustion, no sleep, hours of thinking of everything wrong. So, I am trying, in my case anyway, to focus on the right and not the worries. I try to find something beautiful even on hard days and though I do not always succeed, I am still trying. And I guess that is the point. We HAVE to at least try.