Knocking our demons out and pushing forward!

One thing I am learning more and more when dealing with panic and anxiety is how to let go and re-focus. I am learning to let myself focus on other things. It is HARD and I am not always successful but that motto, “One day at a time” is becoming what I use everyday. I try not to let thing s and people cause me to over think. And, I am learning to encourage myself that I AM a good person and if people have issues with me and I have done nothing wrong, then why over think it or get anxious or panic? And I am learning, slowly, that life throws hurtles but I have to step over them and focus on the good. Things happen, it is life and I cannot change some things. So, I am on that journey and I hope all of my friends who have this issue, can journey along with me. 🙂

Morning fellow bloggers. Ways to save money on flower seeds.

It is cold here in Ga. So much for spring. hahaha. I am still looking at the positive. I got my seeds planted for flowers before it got cold so they are underground. We had a warm day. One. lol. So, here is my tip. I have been doing it for five years now. You plant your seeds and it worked on pansies too. They get these little pod things and you save those.
I have planted zinnias and marigolds and pansies so far. I plant them and when they die off, I take the dead flower and put it on a paper towel for a day or so and then crush it until the seeds fall on the paper towel. Then I put it in a paper bag and keep collecting. I plant the next year.
I went from paying 99 cents and up for a pack of maybe 15 seeds and now each year, I have about 500 each of seeds if not more and you can also do this with cantalope, watermelon, tomatoes, and cucumbers. SAVES you tons of money!

Working on My Fairy and cactus gardens!

It is time to get going. I have the oils out there and I use them for sure. I am into Lavender for calming today as I work on my cactus and fairy gardens. I will post pics as i finish them! For all of my friends on here and also my fellow anxiety pals, have a beautiful day and weekend!

Remember, we get through each struggle a little stronger, a little happier and with knowledge that the battle is hard but we are warriors to be able to fight this anxiety and panic. Every good day is just awesome. Every bad day is weight lifting of the mind.

I am so excited to share!

I have started really using my essential oils I began experimenting with a couple of years ago. I have made cream for sciatica, it works on any pain! I have made facial creams that people are going crazy over as well as the pain cream. The diffuser is keeping my house germ free and the oils are just awesome! Clink the link above if you are interested or join my face book at L.S. Rockwell. (That is my writing name). Go to the Oils of Life group to find a link there also!

Love is not always Beautiful but it is a strong thread to survive. Social media can sometimes take us away from real love.

Love is sometimes challenging. Especially if we feel hurt, or cheated, or stepped on. It can hurt when we feel alone. Even at times when we are not alone. it can feel that way. However, love is a big factor in what we need as humans. I use social media. Obviously, I am here. I use face book. But I also use the talents I have to try and still keep human contact and be near those I love even if by phone.

But in this age where the world text instead of talking, plays games that take hours of our time, face book where we can often live and speak without actual contact, let us remember to be human in flesh form too. So, toady, find someone and give them your time or maybe just a hug or hello. Remember to love. In person.

When Life is just worried.

Life can be beautiful and it can worry you to the point of exhaustion, no sleep, hours of thinking of everything wrong. So, I am trying, in my case anyway, to focus on the right and not the worries. I try to find something beautiful even on hard days and though I do not always succeed, I am still trying. And I guess that is the point. We HAVE to at least try.

I am. Me.

I am learning each day to accept me for who I am . Not the mold I am supposed to be but the real, actual me. Sometimes I have anxiety. Sometimes I have anger. Sometimes I laugh and sometimes I cry. I post memes because they make me laugh. I write. I create art. My kind of art. Not what is popular or in the “love” type of the year. I am outspoken but loyal and goodhearted. A bit too sensitive at times and easily get my feelings hurt but then I can be tough. I am strange to some people, I do not easily make friends for reasons I do not understand but I accept it. Because, I am. Me.

Arrrgh! Well, still trying. Anxiety is a Monster.

I have had a good last couple of days. Today was a little rough and I just tired to stay occupied to keep the anxiety at bay. Some days, i face it, some days I run and some days, it just isn’t there. But, either way it lingers like the stale smoke from when you fry a food.
But, I AM trying to defeat it so that is a start although I have been arguing with it for a while as most of you know on here but hey, at least we are hanging in there. I just wanted to put in an Hello to all of you to say that today was good but it was a bit of a battle.