The kiddies are here! Kudos to working & stay at home moms!

Winter break and I have the kids. My gbaby and “adopted” gbaby. Well, we kind of all adopted each other but she feels like we are nonna and Papa and we feel the same. Kudos to all those moms who work and have kids! OMGOSH! How do they do it? I mean, do NOT get me wrong. Stay at home moms work just as hard as I am now realizing. They have been PERFECT and I am loving every minute but I realize just how much it takes!
I worked a lot when mine were growing up because I had to. But being here with these two, I am thinking, wow! These moms, one of them my daughter, work all day, come home, clean, take care of the kids, get stuff ready and then, i assume fall exhausted into bed and do it all again. I am just here with the girls and it is go,go,go right here at the house. Like I said, I LOVE it but it is a very time consuming job.
I could not imagine doing this and working especially if there are toddlers. Mine were six years apart. But one child or seven both are jobs within jobs. I am so glad I have these two who are so sweet and cause me very little if any problems but golly, it is a tough job. Just making sure they are okay and breakfast and lunch and then dinner and baths, and during school homework and activities and these moms are working on TOP of it all. In a perfect world, ALL moms could stay home but it is not a perfect world so some have to work away and some have to work at home.
So, like I said, I totally admire and know stay at home moms are just as tired but I have to give an extra shout out to the working away from home moms! I don’t know how you do it but wow, kudos to you ALL!

Author: artista10

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