I do not understand me, so how can you?

I do not understand what brings bouts of panic. i have read about it, I have studied it I am living it. But I still do not understand it. I try to be more positive, keep negative thoughts out of my head, exercise, do Yoga and I pray.

I do not know why i am fine and then it hits. Hard. All I know is it does. I know it can hit when i least expect although it never seems to do it on the days I have my gbaby. maybe because she makes me laugh. Or when i see my other two gbabies.  I have my husband trying to understand and support me but I see the confusion when he cannot understand what it is and he is going to school for Counseling.

But that is why this is so hard for others to help. I can say the people who are trying help more than they know. I do know that it is something that is occurring less and less. But still, if i do not understand it, how can you?

Author: artista10

Living Life.

2 thoughts on “I do not understand me, so how can you?”

  1. I’m no psychologist but there Matt be an underlying issue that you’re obviously not aware of. It could be triggered by a smell, a scene, a taste, a sound or any number of reminders. Perhaps you can hone in by keeping a diary of when the attack occurred and the scenario (what exactly you were doing; the atmosphere; the time of day; the food you were eating; the show you were watching etc) around you during the attack. Hope it helps.
    There is an App (My Calm Beat) which teaches you to regulate your heartbeat by focussing on your breathing and does it with you when you need to calm yourself. Just search for it and download it onto your phone. All the best! 😊🌹

    1. Thank you and you are 100 percent correct. it is often set off by certain things the mind panics over with association. I will do that! Thank you so much!

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