I am going to check out this strength psychology by Mike Gillette I found. So far pretty interesting. Because bottom line, people don’t like weak people. Whether it is a mind thing or otherwise, it actually scares them I think. The worst part of having your mind shattered is coming back. Being that I was a strong person mentally for so long, this has been a mind tipper for me. BUT with prayer and friendship and love from those who give it, I pray God will help me back with methods of control and true friends, be they family or friends, will be the ones who can handle it and do not mind being there. Most have known me before this all happened and they know I am a person of action who likes to help and be there for others so that is my post for the moment. lol.

Author: artista10

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  1. Please let me buy this picture. It brings me such peace and joy. You are right. People sometimes seem to think that ppl with anxiety or panic issues are weak. Mainly that is ppl who have not experienced it themselves. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t understand it either before it happened to me. I felt it was something a person could “buck up” and deal with, but it is so huge, so overwhelming, frightening and paralyzing when it happens…wow. I just wonder if God allowed me to experience it so I could be more empathetic to those who suffer from it all the time.

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