Week of anxiety training

Well guys, I have my ups and my downs as expected. I had a few times of coming close but I tried to remember I am in charge of my brain and thoughts. I was able to stop them before they got full strong. So far at least. I have some issues I battle because they seem on the fence BUT I am still hanging in there.

I had a moment this morn when I swallowed water and it seemed to burn going down. Almost brought a panic but I was a able to grab it by the horns and stop it. I think I will have two test done to confirm no physical aspect to it and then I think I can do this. God willing anyway.

So hang in there! There IS hope and we CAN do this! IF and WHEN it is really just a panic attack, we can overcome it. IF you have had test and they are all normal, it is panic. IF you have not, do like me and try to start having them all done so we can be sure we have checked the chart for physical.

Then we can defeat the mental! have a great day! I hope to, L.W.